Reaching A Milestone

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June enjoying a meal in a restaurant.

Name: June Lau

Property: EuHabitat

Agent: Jesslyn

June was looking for her first property and she has some uncertainties about the purchasing process. She wanted to know the factors a new homeowner should look out for in her home search. She engaged Storeys to help her with her needs and ended up successfully securing a unit in EuHabitat. Overall, her experience working with Storeys left a positive impact on her 


What are your concerns when purchasing your first property?

As this is my first property purchase, I am uncertain about the home buying journey. There are a lot of questions about the purchase process. For example, what to look out for during Viewings; the key points or notes to be taken down from each viewing to facilitate my decision making or even the datelines involved in the home purchasing process.

What are the challenges that you face which Storeys managed to help you resolve?

Property purchase can be a stressful process. Especially finding the property for me within budget. I appreciate having an agent like Jesslyn. She dedicated herself to doing all the research and paperwork, arranging for various viewings on different sites. She is also adept in negotiations, which helped me secure my dream property while sticking to my budget. She is highly precise and clear in her communication and highly responsive. Thus, any concerns that I raised were addressed efficiently. It was a quick and hassle-free process.

June venturing out on a morning walk.

What is your advice for homeowners on getting their new place?

Do your research before making any decisions and always trust the experts (from Storeys!) to allow them to guide you along the way as they have all the proper resources to guide you to your dream home, no matter the circumstance. 

June’s bright condo surrounded by greenery

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